Knitters, The Hidden Menace

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A look into the dark and disturbing history of the Tree Huggers Project in Iowa City and the Yarn Bombers behind it.


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Fun to see, I grew up in Iowa

Fun to see, I grew up in Iowa City

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What an amazing coincidence!

What an amazing coincidence!

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Ah, invigorating...I am a child of the 60s and 70s, what can I say!?
Thanks for sharing.


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I resent having my reputation

I resent having my reputation and status as a menace to society questioned in this way. What evil lurks in the hearts of knitters yearns to be recognized, seen for what it is, and used to recruit others into the cabal of cables!

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Those selfish artistic types.

Those selfish artistic types. Don't they know there are people freezing that could be wearing those tree sweaters?!?