Knitting Retreat May 10-12 NE Georgia

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In The Woods Campground, 142 Casey Court, Canon, GA 30520.

We are offering five workshops: Fair Isle, Cables with-out a Cable Needle, Orenburg Lace, Brioche and Reversible Two-Color, Two-Pattern Knitting.

All workshops are for intermediate knitters, you will need to know how to cast on, bind off, knit, purl and understand basic knitting abbreviations. During each workshop you will finish a coaster using the technique learned.

Kits are available.
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Hope to see you there!

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how much is it? I live in

how much is it? I live in Conyers, GA.

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Classes are $30.00 per

Classes are $30.00 per workshop. You can find out more about those at:

room, tent, rv rates can be found at:

if you have further questions you can call me directly at: 706.246.0152

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i would love to go but cant

i would love to go but cant afford it :(

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tomorrow it will be in the

tomorrow it will be in the 80's again.. sorry buddy.

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Looks like good workshop

Looks like good workshop sessions...wish I could be there...but will suffering with temperatures in the teens and shoveling snow!