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just finished a sweater for my 18 month old grandson.'s knitted with two strands of a navy twist wool and cotton blend...machine washable... the yarn was a bit over $100. !!!!
I adapted a Debbie Bliss pattern so I could do it on circular needles... using steeks for the neckline and sleeves...
the hood is added by picking up the stitches all around...
it's a really beautiful shade of navy... a bright navy twisted with a deep navy...

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Absolutely fantastic! He's

Absolutely fantastic! He's a lucky little lad! And, it's great to hear from a fellow steaker! I was interested to know about the Lana Grossa wools. I have their pattern books for men's wear and they are great; I have been considering purchasing their wool.

My knitting is totally tubular!

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That is absolutely gorgeous.

That is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color of the yarn, working in a childrend clothing store I know that sweater would, and can sell for more that what you paid for the yarn. I unfortunately have only just started knitting and I am knitting my first baby sweater, I can only hope that I can get to be as good as you. Especially since the people I am knitting for live in upstate NY, I am sure I will get lots of practice. HAPPY KNITTING EVERYONE!!!

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Since the Buffalo/Niagera

Since the Buffalo/Niagera region had a foot of snow last night, you can say that again!

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I play a character who does.

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That is a truly beautiful

That is a truly beautiful sweater, Bill. Congratulations. I am sure it will be appreciated. Where I am now, it snowed today so a sweater with a hood would have fit the bill.

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Thank you! grandson

Thank you! grandson has just moved to Michigan...and it snowed today!
..checking the label of my's by Lana Grossa and is 45% cotton, 42% virgin wool and 13% polyamid.
...really lovely stuff!

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Bill, what a beautiful

Bill, what a beautiful garment for your grandson. The yarn seems to have a sheen.