Heard About It?...Well, Here Are The Moving Pictures...With Sound!

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I performed in a new work on April 19th in NYC. Composer Jobina Tinnemans' Killing Time for knitters and ensemble (World Premiere MATA commission).

Known for her work with concrete sounds, Dutch-Welsh composer Jobina Tinnemans follows the lead of the late Cornelius Cardew incorporating nonmusicians into a new music context. Her MATA commission, a concerto grosso for solo knitters, instrumental ensemble and a ripieno orchestra of knitters, visualizes the passage of time through its trace in fibre.

MATA was founded by Philip Glass, Eleonor Sandresky, and Lisa Bielawa in 1996. MATA presents a week-long festival of music by composers under age forty each spring in New York City.

The composer used electronic pickups and enhanced sound processing to create a performance piece that is based on the actual movement, contact, fiber passage and growth of over 40 knitted objects using conductivity sensors to create work accompanied by musicians on traditional musical instruments.

The show was at Roulette in Brooklyn, a theater near BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), that presents new works by contemporay composers, performers and musicians.

I am sitting center statge, knitting 009 Fisherman Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky on 10.5 needles, basso profundo. How butch is that?



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I would enjoy hearing the

I would enjoy hearing the concerto. Is it online yet?

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Sounds exciting! I'd like to

Sounds exciting! I'd like to experience it. Looking forward to the info. :-)

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Mark... I can only imagine

I can only imagine the amplified sound of the knitting...what a wonderful idea!
So glad you got to be a part of it!

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Bill...no need to

Bill...no need to imagine...the concert will be netcast on Q2, WQXR's new music net station we were told. The concert is entitled Mechanical Turks, produced by MATA in NYC. I am looking forward to hearing it again myself.

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How exciting, enjoy!

How exciting, enjoy!

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How exciting...enjoy

How exciting...enjoy yourself!

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Will the event be filmed? I'd

Will the event be filmed? I'd love to see/hear it.

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The festival may be recorded

The festival may be recorded and available via the MATA website. I will know shortly.

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How wonderful!!! ...just one

How wonderful!!!
...just one knitter?
Hope you can post pictures later on...

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I am excited to be invited.

I am excited to be invited. More than one knitter...five soloists, an ensemble, and six concerto orchestra members.

Roulette and MATA promote and document the event.

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That almost certainly means a

That almost certainly means a review in "The New Yorker"...and the NY Times...
THAT's exciting!!!