Anybody else in the Colorado Springs area?

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I'm new to this site. I learned to crochet years ago, but haven't in a long time. Started knitting a few years ago, but quit after maybe a year because of hand problems. Picked it up again last fall, and now seem to be addicted. Not looking for a cure. Mostly knitting socks, lately.


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Hi, Thomas - I'm the Joe

Hi, Thomas - I'm the Joe mentioned by Q. I also encourage you to attend the retreat if you can. It's a great way to meet other men who knit and people from the Front Range. I hope you enjoy yourself here at MWK.

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Hi Thomas. I'm not in

Hi Thomas. I'm not in Colorado Springs, but Arvada, in the Northwest part of Denver metro. We'll have to do a Front Range get together some time for all us Colorado boys. There are a few others on this board.

Meanwhile, the knitting retreat is a great suggestion. I went two years ago and had a blast; made some great friends.

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Joe and I are up north here

Joe and I are up north here in Casper Wyoing and I know there are guys in the Denver area. Ravelry is a great way to hunt up guys in your neck of the woods. If you can are interested in the retreat and can make it there Joe and I would see you there. You can find more on that at:

Or get to it on at:

Welcome to the site!

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Welcome Thomas, I hope you

Welcome Thomas, I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.

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Thomas check out

check out
There's a retreat in Colorado,

Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat 2013 July 18 - 21, 2013

Sunshine Mountain Lodge
Allenspark, Colorado
United States