Entrelac Hat

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I just finished this crazy, but neat looking hat. I might make another!
It was interesting to make and kept me on my toes. You could also
Make straight rows of colors. I used a multi color yarn. Enjoy!

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i wish my hats turned out

i wish my hats turned out like that

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Beautiful colours and

Beautiful colours and beautiful design!

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I think entrelac is one of

I think entrelac is one of the coolest looking techniques. You did an amazing job on this hat, and the colors are stunning.
Great work!

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Making entrelac takes a great

Making entrelac takes a great deal of concentration as a flat piece, but on circular needles it must have been quite a challenge. It's beautiful. Do you have a pattern you can share, or is it one you purchased or found in a book?
Well done!


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Great looking hat.

Great looking hat.

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Wonderful! ...just took a

...just took a class on entrelac...but haven't knitted any yet....

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I like it!!

I like it!!