Newies But Goodies

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Whenever I hear the term "oldy BUT goldy", I reach for my revolver. Usually, to me anyway, it means what you hated then, you can hate now. Remember what-ever-the-hell-hiz-name-wuz? Almost as sad a thought as the poor boys and girls who haven't read, listened to, or seen anything created before 2005. You know...vintage stuff.

Anyway, I've gotten some PM traffic on the pattern for the Lover Tank. So, as a public service, I will make all transparent. Well, maybe not everything...

Two useful and intelligent editions of a webzine were produced and now are lost in the ether. No, not the anesthesia...the vast wilderness of space, once thought filled with this stuff, ether, but now filled, if one believes the press releases, with dark matter and dark energy. To my calcified mind, the same thing...unexplainable and undetectable stuff in space. Another oldy but goldy resurrected (sigh).

The webzine, Men Knit, is buried in the deep, dark reaches of 2005 internet storage lockers, somewhere in the dark crystal fossilized memory core of a server in Tierra Del Fuego. Go to, and you shall be rewarded with a dose of wholesome yarney goodness for men. There is also a second edition, but that is another thing.

This entombed information used to be housed in the WayBack Jay Ward (who?) oldie but moldie. I included the cover in the Husbear Beater images of my blog here as proof in visual form.

As Felix the Cat said (who?), "Cheerio!" (Robot Chicken is so bad a$$!)


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Lover Tank.... Great find!

Lover Tank.... Great find!

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Now that I see the mag, I

Now that I see the mag, I remember it! Yes, a long time ago. But whatever happened to them? Did they only publish the two issues? Shame -- had a good start.
Thanks for giving us the link -- and doing the digging for it.

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Often, but not always, as I

Often, but not always, as I spit the digital detritis out of my mouth, I feel like John Carter.

Thank goodness I dug up a Tut brush and Tutpaste. You know, the tube with the Pharoah hound cap? Natron flavor is my fav.

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You can still find the second

You can still find the second issue on Ravelry here. Nothing is lost in Christian Science.

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If only Stephen Hawking would

If only Stephen Hawking would own up to that - then our universe would be safe.

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I read that there's a Peobody

I read that there's a Peobody & Sherman movie in production, starring, among others, Stephen Colbert. Is it too soon to condemn it?

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Watsamata U????!!!!????

Watsamata U????!!!!????

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"Hey, Rocky...Watch me pull a

"Hey, Rocky...Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!"

If the movie is as wretched as other modern takes on the old TV cartoons have been, they'll need that magic hat to hide in. Mr Colbert being involved or not.

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Peabody & Sherman

Peabody & Sherman movie...

sounds just like "Military intelligence?...Isn't that a contradiction in terms?"

Oh my, I feel a Stan Freberg moment coming on...El Sodom and Rancho Gomorrah Spa is my sacred space.

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We need Stan

We need Stan Freberg!
...those were great days for commercials....wonder if that kind of humor would play...or has the US become too cynical and jaded?

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Cynical? Jaded? Bill, I don't

Cynical? Jaded? Bill, I don't have an answer...

Let me consult my copy of Robert Downey Sr.'s film Putney Swope to see if we are ready for humor that skips defication and unintelligible prattle as punchlines.

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I tried to find that old

I tried to find that old really screwed seemed to load an old program, totally twisted my Firefox browser...
I had to trash my Firefox and re-install it...
(I'm not as computer savvy as I would wish...)

...guess it was not meant to be....

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Bless you for all the

Bless you for all the references to favorite items from my past.