Weinstein's Raglan-Sleeved Henley

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Good Morning All,

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. Spent yesterday repotting some of my bonsai in the morning, had a nice lunch with my wife at our one of our favorite spots and then quilt shop hopped in the afternoon and finished it off with a quick trip to my local yarn shop. We then spent a cozy evening in front of the fireplace together.

I've finished my grandson's blanket friday and just put another project on the needles. I was fascinated with Sean's (smmiikkel) 17th century undershirt he completed and have been thinking about it since he posted. I've decided to do Weinstein's Raglan-sleeved Henley pattern with yarn I purchased yesterday. In a twist, with Sean's post in mind, I am using Classic Elite Yarn's - Classic silk made in Italy rather than a wool or alpaca. I hope it turns out to be a fabulous and "undershirt-like". The fibre is 50% cotton, 30% silk and 20% nylon. It was in the sale bins (only $2.00 a skein) so I bought all they had and will hopefully put together something that is beautiful and glorious in feel to wear.
He is a picture - the cast on is on the needles. Let us see how it comes together.


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I look forward to seeing the

I look forward to seeing the raglan. I agree on great choice of colors. Come back and post WIP photos and keep us up to date.

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Great color choices. What a

Great color choices. What a bargain!
I have that same book and really like it. The nice thing is that Bruce will answer emails if you have any questions. I have emailed him a few times about things I've made from patterns he wrote. Here is his and his partner's site. http://www.bruceandmark.com/


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Looks promising. Keep us

Looks promising. Keep us informed as to how it turns out.

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I am going to watch this one

I am going to watch this one with interest. Looking forward to the finished product and how you feel about it. Great colours.

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Wow...this scenerio is

Wow...this scenerio is exactly what turned me onto knitting items that are NOT for dead of winter. However, I warn you...once you go down this pathway, you will be altered, possibly forever...LOL What a haul!!!

I often find myself a lone voice in the wilderness...in search of the rarerest of the rare..designs and patterns for men's handknit garments that are not made of wool! It has forced me to learn all about spinning, patternmaking and techniques of knitting that are underknown and ignored.

I delight in discovering them, creating new ones and looking at patterns in an entirely different way. I will share anything and all I have learned in my search. Please ask if so inclined.

Welcome to my world! The depths of these winter times are filled with non-wool bargains...and I am delighted to report that the number of aficianados of sheepless knitting grows daily.

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There was a booth at Stitches

There was a booth at Stitches West specializing in non-wool yarns. It was called "Southern Yarns" in Durham, North Carolina .

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As always. Bill, you have

As always. Bill, you have great info. Thanks

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As always. Bill, you have

As always. Bill, you have great info. Thanks