New knitter in Atlanta GA

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Hey guys I am 31 years old and gay hoping to find knitting groups in my area.


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Hey knitting brother! Surely

Hey knitting brother!

Surely there must be a guy's knitting group in the ATL area....

However: It may come up to you to found (not find) a group of male knitters.

I have found that I just can't feel at home with the (many) knitting groups that are around, because I am frequently the ONLY male there. I'm not judging, I'm saying that those groups DO NOT feed me. I want to knit with other men.

"Is that so wrong?"

Good luck, Bro!

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I hear ya may be what I have

I hear ya may be what I have to do

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Welcome Rich!

Welcome Rich!

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Welcome to the seamy side of

Welcome to the seamy side of town, Richard...but don't worry. Since we all here have twisted stitches, your passion can be flagrantly displayed here without fear! Welcome!

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I see you've joined

I see you've joined ravelry...and have David for a friend. Good for're on your way!

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Also jumping in to say

Also jumping in to say "welcome to MWK" and to recommend Ravelry. I put off joining it for a long time but now enjoy it as much as here.

Welcome to the group. Look

Welcome to the group. Look forward to seeing what you're knitting up in Atlanta. If you're not on Ravelry, I HIGHLY recommend it. I'm sure you'll also find some knitting groups in Atlanta through Ravelry.

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Welcome, Richard!

Welcome, Richard!

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Hi Richard and welcome to the

Hi Richard and welcome to the group. This group is an extra-rich resource for the new male knitter. (And well done, in finding us, by the way!) Your instinct for finding a knitting group could not be a more salient one for a new knitter to have. There is some way on Ravelry for you to find knitting groups in Atlanta. I strongly suggest that you find a group that you're comfortable with and start hanging out with them. I started knitting three and a half years ago. I've always belonged to a knitting group. It's like a free university for a new knitter. Everyone in the group knows more than you do. There's no question you've got that somebody in the group can't answer or at least point you in the direction of an answer. YouTube and groups like this one can give you lots of information but physically hanging out with other knitters in a cafe or some such place for a few hours once a week, in my experience, is of incomparable value. Go for it, and all the best.

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Rich, Join ravelry...and get

Join ravelry...and get in touch with David...

There putting together a men's booth for Stitches South.

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room for one more? I am

room for one more?
I am already on Ravelry:

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Write to David...they're

Write to David...they're great guys!