View of my socks I am doing


Here is a rather poor shot (not sure why my Ipod normally does a good job) shot to two of my socks, that I am presently knitting for the class. My finger weight is the red its a alpaca, silk, and nylon mix. The grey one is a wool and nylon mix.
The other shot is a friendship shaw I am giving a friend of mine tonight. I based it on one of the shaw's from the "The New Prayer Shaw" book I picked up at B & N. What I did was do the basic lace stitch, then use some of my alpaca I bought, for the shaw, the latter in the shaw spliced in yarn from my own project I wear. Basically the symbolism is two friends as one.

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Very nice socks. Keep up the

Very nice socks. Keep up the good work.

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The socks are looking good.

The socks are looking good. Glad you are catching on so quickly. I am sure your friend will appreciate the shawl - it is very beautiful.