FO Pics: A couple of items I recently knitted.

Took some pics last night of some stuff I recently knitted.

I had already posted a pic of the scarf, but had also knit a matching hat. I think the two go well together. I also knit a drawstring bag from some Serenity Garden Yarn from Premier Yarns. It's a pretty simple bag with an i-cord drawstring. I'll likely knit a similar bag soon with the leftover yarn from the Color Affection shawl that I'm knitting right now. Such bags are a very utilitarian way of using up leftover yarn, or stash busting.

2013-02-12 12.51.39.jpg1.37 MB
2013-02-12 12.54.50.jpg1.47 MB
2013-02-12 12.56.39.jpg1.46 MB


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Nice work! They look very

Nice work! They look very warm and comfy. I am in the process of doing a hat and scarves for my brothers. Thanks for the visuals.

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Very nice and very wearable

Very nice and very wearable items! Nice work!

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That is a very nice cap and

That is a very nice cap and scarf set. I like the extra long ribbed section and often do the same on my hats; the extra can be folded up and helps keep the back of my neck warm.

The bag is intriguing...I may have to keep it in mind for a gift.

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Beautiful, even,

Beautiful, even, knitting!
...What do the men think of your knitting?

Most of the soldiers here

Most of the soldiers here think it's cool. I just knit an "anger scarf" for one of the soldiers here that matches the one in the pic, but only a little narrower. We call it the "anger scarf" because of the expression "I knit so that I don't kill people."