stash busting chunky cowls

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Guys, I have been on a roll cleaning up my stash of yarns. Given the sub-zero temps lately, all of us are trying to stay warm. I have knitted some cowls for friends AND have managed to make a huge dent in my stash of yarn. Color me happy. Recipients have been friends, family, shut-ins, old, young, and all sizes.

Happy knitting and hope all is well with you!


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ecru cowl with fringe 1.jpg139.34 KB
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oatmeal chunky cowl.jpg117.55 KB
off-white textured cowl.jpg116.97 KB
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amethyst fringed cowl 1.jpg118.77 KB


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Those are great. Now you have

Those are great. Now you have an excuse to fill up your stash again!!!

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These are great cowls, is it

These are great cowls, is it your pattern? I've yet to knit any cowls.