Basic sock Class


The class went very well today. Had about 7 people of course all women. But I seemed to fit in well. And I did some new thins like long casting on. I found out today that i was doing knitted casting(never knew it had a name, mom taught me)
I will have pics of my project on latter. Right now its a wonderful red yarn blend of alpaca, silk and nylon.
Once the instructor had us on the right road, we just relaxed and chatted it was a great time. Meet in two weeks to "turn the heal" something foreign to me.


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Bravo. You are quite

Bravo. You are quite ambitious to be doing three pair at once. We have a person in our LYS sock class who is attempting this but has made herself horribly confused. The key is to work on the same section of the sock at the same time, I think. Of course, I usually have 2 pair going at the same time - one in sport weight, one in sock yarn - but I've been knitting them for quite a few years.

Enjoy yourself...that's the main thing. [Along with being patient with yourself since you are just beginning.]

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True enough Joe. I often

True enough Joe. I often think of the first project of a new technique as a learning experience. If it turns out OK then great, if not, I hope I learned something from the experience. Like I know a really sure method of making socks too small and another one for making them too big. I think I'll frog the small ones and do them again. The big ones are for use in my Wellies, where I can fold the top of the socks over the top of the boots.

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I'm sure the class will give

I'm sure the class will give you what you need, but I learned socks from Stephanie Pearl McPhee (The Yarn Harlot) and it really gave me the confidence to try lots of different ideas. Instead of a pattern, she gives the general idea and teaches you how to make whatever kind of socks you want. I found it amazingly instructive. Check out her book Knitting Rules and see if you think it's helpful as well.

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Glad to hear that you had a

Glad to hear that you had a good time at your class. I hope that your doing well with your homework of getting to the point of turning the heel, which is my favorite part of making socks. It's like s little a little bit of magic seeing it evolve those first few times!

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Jealous, I have no classes

Jealous, I have no classes here, and I've still to atttempt socks. Did you use DPNs, or circulars?


I use double points. Believe

I use double points. Believe it or not I don't mind using them and kinda like using them over circular. i tend to keep my stitches even better. On circulars i tend to either not pay attention to what i'm doing or simply on large projects get them twisted.
These socks are very delicate. Size one needle. They feel like darts. Its very slow work the gauge is like 32 sticthes per 4 inches. And not bad to handle, if you have small hands like me. I am blessed with very small ones for projects like this. Comes in handy too when I would change oil filters on Japanese cars.

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I am glad that you got

I am glad that you got started and felt comfortable in the group. I am sure you will love your socks and will never look back. Best of luck.

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Great! you have to

Great! you have to have your sock ready to turn the heel in two weeks?
...maybe you could get two socks ready to that point?


I am doing two pair the be

I am doing two pair the be exact. One with a 3 needle and one with size one. Kinda learning from both. I'm the only one in the group doing the finger weight. The others are all doing sports weight. I though I would try it at home as well. These are a nice grey worsted a bit heavier, Im having the ribbing down the entire sock on these.