Purple rain sweater cowl

Fellow knister's, this purple rain sweater cowl has just jumped off the needles. It was knitted from Rowan big wool, using size 13 for the ribbing and 15 for the body itself. I for went the original bind off, as I wanted the bind off to be very elastic, I tinkered around with it until I was pleased with the results. The bind off was as follows, knit 2 tog pass the k2 tog back to the right needle, and k 2 tog thru the back loop to the end, it was as I invesioned, I could not ask for a better knit!
As always happy knitting,

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Yo Guys! I believe the upside

Yo Guys!
I believe the upside down pictures is a problem somehow with Firefox.
I use a MAC and Chrome does it just fine but Firefox turns the pictures upside down.
I guess it must be the way the picture is marked in jpeg. The format does indicate which way is up.
Veerrryyy Iiinnnnttteeerreestting!


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I think you're right,

I think you're right, Richard. I've got a Mac and I just looked at it in Safari and it was fine. Nice looking project...

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Very nice knitting...I don't

Very nice knitting...I don't make wear cowls, but it would make a great gift for friends of mine who do.

Thanks guys, I really

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your kind gestures!!!

Thanks guys! I think I know

Thanks guys! I think I know what tall guy was referring to?
The cowl itself was upside down. Which is fine. The cowl is universal, and it's the way I wanted it to be in the pics, the design is "abstract" no right or wrong! I love the pattern and knitting, as there are no rules! As long, as the stitches are in correct form. I find it a little daunting, for a project of any kind to be called "odd". Honestly I feel like I've been Policed, by the " knitting police", and I learned a long time ago, there is no such thing! Everyone knits differently!! And we all have various views of the out come. Or what we invesion the FO, to be.
Tall guy sent me a pvt e mail, and said he would check it out when he had more time, lol.still calling it odd! I'm a little taken aback! But, I'm leaving it here. Where it all began!
Happy knitting, and may your bends be filled with all fiber of your choosing.

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Just clarifying and agreeing

Just clarifying and agreeing with Bill, Rick, the WHOLE PICTURE comes out upside down on my screen, i.e., the stand that the cowl is on is upside down too. The project itself is beautiful, of course. What is odd is the fact that the pictures come out upside down on Bill's screen as well as mine. I dragged it onto my desktop intending to rotate it but it came out right side up all by itself once it was on the desktop. Bill and I both use Macs and Firefox so that may have something to do with it all. Anyway, great knitting! Tom

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Sorry Rick, The cowl is

Sorry Rick,
The cowl is beautiful!!!
...when I mentioned "Odd" in my first post...I was referring to the fact that the pictures appeared upside down on my computer...and Tom said they were on his also...
but your knitting is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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The pics are perfect for me.

The pics are perfect for me. I use Chrome browser. The cowl looks very warm! Beautiful work.

Hum, I looked at the pics.

Hum, I looked at the pics. They are correct from here, not sure why on your end. I uploded from my iPad,

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Handsome! odd...the upside

odd...the upside down images were fine when I saved them to my desktop...then lightened them so I could see the knitting...

?? Odd? Pics are right side

?? Odd? Pics are right side up.pleas elaborate.

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when I click on each of the

when I click on each of the links above, they're upside down.
I'm using a Mac and Firefox.

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Same thing happened for me.

Same thing happened for me. Very odd... But beautiful work!