Score, at Tuesday Morning

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Stopped into Tuesday Morning yesterday evening and got a new bag. It is the "Crochet Dude" organizer bag. It is a Nantucket Bagg style bag and I have wanted it for a while. Little did I know that this morning when I opened it, the bag is an actual Nantucket Bagg. I got it for $10. I am so pleased. I used it today to go to the Coffee Shop and knit. I think it may become my new favorite bag.

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Guess I need to check the

Guess I need to check the board more often. Went into my local Tuesday Morning yesterday and the guy said, "We had some right here, but they're gone now."

Now I'm jealous.

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I got the same deal at our

I got the same deal at our local Tuesday morning today!! Regularly it for 10.00!

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Only $10??? They sell for

Only $10??? They sell for $169.00 on any site I've seen. You got a deal! I really would like one too. Do they sell them up in Canada? Pity.

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OMG...going to my local

OMG...going to my local Tuesday morning to see if they have one. I have wanted a Nantucket Bagg for a long time!

Doesn't it feel nice when you

Doesn't it feel nice when you get exactly what you wanted at a give-away price?

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That is a REAL steal!!!

That is a REAL steal!!!