Noro Sweater Done

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Afternoon Guys,

Well my Noro Sweater is complete just need to weave in the tails. Here are pictures of the front and back.

Happy Knitting All,


IMGP1987.JPG1.36 MB
IMGP1988.JPG1.05 MB


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I think it definitely lived

I think it definitely lived up to its promise...gorgeous knitting.

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Gorgeous earth tones-

Gorgeous earth tones- beautifully designed and crafted. I sense that Brooklyn Tweed guy drooling!

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The sweater turned out

The sweater turned out beautifully! I really like that yarn, but have not used it yet. Was it nice to work with?

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Looks excellent!

Looks excellent!

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What a great job you did. I

What a great job you did. I love the color.