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Haven't checked in for awhile, but that doesn't mean I haven't been knitting! I just finished a Christmas stocking for the husband and a couple of pairs of socks for myself. The light grey socks have a spiraling pattern from contrasting knit/purl stitches - can't see it in the photo too well, but I am happy with the results.

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I like the grey socks. I'm

I like the grey socks. I'm not sure I'm smart enough to figure out how to make the spirals go in the opposite direction on the second sock but then I am naturally blond. A wonder I can knit socks at all I suppose. ;-)

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Wow, nice stuff!!!! That

Wow, nice stuff!!!! That Christmas stocking is nice piece of craftsmanship! I have a theory about guy knitters, most guys who knit for any length of time will move toward some kind of complexity. It will either be color work or lace but in my experience usually not both. I love the looks of complex color work but have no real interest in knitting it, lace on the other is a compulsion of mine, can't get enough.

Anyway, really good job!

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I keep coming back to look at

I keep coming back to look at your Christmas stocking for your husband. I'm jealous! I've never tried color changing in a row like that. If I look long enough...I might be inspired.

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Beautiful socks...your

Beautiful socks...your tooties will love how nice and warm they keep them. I need much thicker socks here in the Midwest...although it's 71 here today (Dec. 3), the cold and snowy weather is lurking. Well done, Paul! I am envious of sock makers.


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Very nice socks and stocking,

Very nice socks and stocking, Paul. Congratulations.

Love the stocking! I have

Love the stocking! I have yet to do that much colorwork..

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What great work! I haven't

What great work! I haven't tried socks yet. Did you use double-pointed or magic loop? And I really LOVE the Christmas stocking!

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thanks Thunderhorse54! I

thanks Thunderhorse54! I used dpns.

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Very smart indeed. You will

Very smart indeed. You will need them to keep warm in the american winter!