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I haven't finished my wife's or my son's sweaters and I certainly can't work on them while we are all in the same room. They are both Christmas presents. Since I need to do something with my hands while we were spending a lot of time together this Thanksgiving weekend, and since I have 15 skeins of beautiful yarn (55% Merino Wool, 25% Superfine Alpaca, 20% Donegal Tweed) from Knit Picks, I thought I would begin my next sweater, this one actually for me! I am using Staci Perry' pattern simply called "Learn to Knit a Men's Sweater" and found on her site See link below.

I have the collar and about an inch of the raglan increases - top down - and it feels wonderful on my fingers, so I am sure it will feel great when I wear it.

One thing I like about Staci's site is that she offers free video tutorials for many of her patterns. I like that, especially when I am learning new techniques. Another thing I appreciate is that when I emailed her about something that confused me, she got back to me within a few hours.

Attached are two pictures.
The first is what it should look like when finished. You can also find that here:

Learn to Knit a Men's Sweater

The second picture is a peek at my project's humble beginnings.


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Thank you gentlemen. Your

Thank you gentlemen. Your kinds words are always appreciated. :)

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Great looking yarn, Mark. It

Great looking yarn, Mark. It will look just grand teamed up with that sweater pattern.

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Mark, Looking good. Keep us


Looking good. Keep us posted on the progress.


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Must agree with Ron, & the

Must agree with Ron, & the combination of merino, alpaca & Donegal tweed should feel great to wear.

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I like it! Thanks for that

I like it! Thanks for that like to the video and pattern, Mark. I've just watched the video and found it to be a great resource. I want to make a cardigan of some kind someday (I'm leaning toward a Salish-Pacific Northwest right now) and the way she shows how to do an i-cord edge and then attach the zipper to it is so helpful. Thanks again for that, Mark.

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Hi Tom, The i-cord edge is

Hi Tom,
The i-cord edge is something that I really like. It makes it much more substantial. I will have to see what it looks like when I get about 8-10 inches of it done. I may just leave it without a zipper because it does look finished without being a different looking stitch, which is normal for v-neck sweaters.

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The yarn and your colour

The yarn and your colour choice are lovely. Great beginning!