The Scruffy Old Bear Returns

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I get some awesome emails from people all over the world with something of the same theme: they’re now grown adults, with children of their own, still holding on to a teddy bear given to them when they were tots. Some are hidden in closets, some are proudly on display, and some have been heir loomed off to a younger generation who we all hope will cling to the little bear with love. So, I had to a do a bear in honor of scruffy old bears everywhere.

The bear looks classic, old, slightly worn, a touch faded with age, but the look on his face still proud and attentive, protective, ready to assume his responsibilities and duties at any age.

Check out my little bear on my blog

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Keeps a-goin round---A mans

Keeps a-goin round---A mans best friend is his bear.

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I knit a bear for my nephew

I knit a bear for my nephew that I hope stays with him for many years.

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Thanks, man! I appreciate

Thanks, man! I appreciate that!

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Very cute indeed------ they

Very cute indeed------ they are family heirlooms. Well done.