Rosemal - Knitter's Mag #96 Fall 2009 -Updated

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Good Afternoon Guys,

Lovely fall day in STL. Inspired by the colors I picked them for the current project on the needles - a special request my wife asked me to make for her. She chose the pattern Rosemal from the Fall 2009 issue of Knitter's Magazine #96. I started the project this morning and will be making the hat and gloves for her. Ravelry has 39 projects shown if anyone is interested in seeing the completed pattern. Here is a pic of todays progress.

Spent the afternoon doing yard work, running some errands and making supper then it was back to the needles while we watched a movie together. Finished the knitting of the hat this morning. Just have to weave in loose ends and due the embroidery the design calls for then it will be done and on to the mittens.


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I remember that design and

I remember that design and your version looks very nice. Lots of luck with the gloves; they should turn out awesome.