That Strange Guy is Back

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Wow, it's been a while. Don't know why I haven't been around to this site lately but whatever the reason was, I'm back. I apologize to anyone that such a proclamation just gave a tremor of terror. I'll try to behave?

Mainly I think I've been offline due to not getting a lot done. I have met my self imposed limit of three items on the needles. Unfortunately all such items are large shawls and not quickly done. I still hack away at each one occasionally but can't seem to make myself sit and attack just one of them long enough to get it off the needles.

With that said, here's a peek at what I have going on.

1. The Stephen West KAL

From AKQGuy

2. Our Local Yarn Stores Litla Dimun KAL

From AKQGuy
From AKQGuy

3. And the Ever Lasting Kimono Shawl made from my own handspun Jacob fleece.

From AKQGuy

I hope to have pictures of these items completely done and blocked here soon. Fingers crossed anyway.

The last couple days though I've been immersed in using my wheel. The last time I had used it I had it down at one of our local yarn stores and it was squeaking horribly. I kept putting off playing with it to find out where the squeak was and get to oiling it. Well last week a couple other spinners that had their classes canceled at the Scottsbluff Fiber Festival and I decided to have our own little spinning day here locally. With this creeping closer I thought it was time to find that squeak. I had some Peruvian Highland wool still on the wheel and decided to spin up the other half on Saturday. Did my wheel squeak once? Of course not. Later that day the first installment of my fiber club wool came which was a lovely Portuguese Wool Combed Top named "Old Ironsides" that I just had to dig into by Sunday. I had to work that night and figuring it would either be a busy holiday weekend night or a dead one I packed the sidekick to work with me. By the time midnight rolled around I had all the prep work for the following day done and the phone lines were dead so I pulled out the fiber and finished up Old Iron Sides. Monday night rolled along and I decided I had to attack the BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) that a friend had given me.

From AKQGuy

So, in three days I got four skeins of yarn spun and as Murphy would have it, my wonderful little wheel didn't offer a single uncalled for sound. Of course, by the time our spinning day rolls around she will sound like a rusted ships bulkhead I'm sure.

Prior to jumping into spinning though, I broke my own rule for having only three projects on the needles and started (and finished) this little number.

From AKQGuy

It's the bandana cowl that can be linked to free of charge off ravelry. I used Berocco's Boboli quick and it gave a wonderful little sense of completion of one thing before bed that day. It now sits in the Christmas gift drawer to be given to whomever it calls to (Typically someone comes over for Christmas dinner that wasn't planned for so it's good to have a gift or three on hand for such events).

I also got Alcyone off the needles before the green shawl was started.

From AKQGuy
From AKQGuy

It was a fun little knit and I can't wait to start some of Romi Hill's other patterns that I already bought. I have some cashmere and apricot beads that are screaming to be made into her "Celaeno". I'll get to it soon, I hope.

You all have a wonderful week and weekend. Hope to be better about keeping up with events here.


In the picture with the 3

In the picture with the 3 yarns you spun, I have to say I really, really love the colorway of the middle yarn. all of them are gorgeous, but I think that one really caught my interest. Great work!

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Lovely stuff as usual but I

Lovely stuff as usual but I can't stop musing over what you might do when you misbehave.

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I've been known to make grown

I've been known to make grown adults cry, random pedestrians to have flatulence from laughter and cause awkward silence amongst groups of strangers who will never be able to look at pigeons the same way again...

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My get so much

My get so much accomplished it is hard to keep up. It seems you just get started and "Boom!" it is being blocked. [Yes, there is just a twinge of jealousy there.]

Seriously, those are all looking great and I have to agree about those pesty squeaks...bug you to pieces, then disappear when you decide to oil them. Only to show up again when you have a group visiting.

See you later.

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There unfortunately has been

There unfortunately has been little blocking in my world. Of course, that requires more knitting. See you tomorrow, and I hope we'll be seeing you at my place next weekend for lasagna and spinning?

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Most definitely for spinning

Most definitely for spinning and lasagna. I understand your lasagna is almost a religious experience. And is a religious experience. See you later.

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It is always good to hear

It is always good to hear from you and you have completely vindicated yourself with all that wonderful spining and knitting lo0l.

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I always enjoy being

I always enjoy being vindicated... Thank you Sir.

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I enjoy seeing your current

I enjoy seeing your current projects, all lovely. I suppose I could read your blog but that's just one more webpage added to the list. I also knitted the bandana cowl but I like your yarn much better than mine. Mine is a wool/acrylic blend and isn't quite drape-y enough.. plus the tip wants to curl up and point at me, accusingly. It was my first attempt at short rows, so at least I learned something.
I recently started on a scarf in your kelp garden pattern, using 100% linen yarn. It's my first attempt at lace, and so far so good.. but I think it will be on the needles for a long time to come. The linen tends to look like a tangled mess so I can't wait to block it to change the texture and bring out the pattern... unless I've actually created a tangled mess. Time will tell.

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I'm sure it's not a tangled

I'm sure it's not a tangled mess in the least and will be wonderful whenever you get it off the needles and blocked out. I look forward to seeing it on here!

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Welcome back Q! I must

Welcome back Q! I must confess, I hadn't seen many posts from you, but I didn't really realize you were "gone" in any ultimate sense. It's always good to hear from you and see your latest efforts.

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Thanks Michael. Hope all is

Thanks Michael. Hope all is well with you down there in CO. We missed you in July.

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I missed you guys a lot too.

I missed you guys a lot too. Strangely enough, I was in Cheyenne the whole weekend, camping at Terry Bison Ranch and going to country music concerts and rodeo.

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I second that emotion...glad

I second that emotion...glad you had a lot of fun with the family but look forward to your being at Retreat in 2013.