Some advice for my afghan!?

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Okay so I recently picked up my crochet hook again and started playing around with stuff, and this time it finally stuck. It's like something clicked in my head and I really began to understand how it all goes together, and how the different stitches work etc. So I decided to crochet something "big", but relatively simple. Inspired by the pattern I had seen for a different afghan, I decided I was going to make it black and white, with bright red somewhere in there. I had it all planned out in my head...and then I started crocheting and it just, sort of, took on a life of its own. So I've attached a picture of it for you to see.

So, I was wondering, do you think I should do the entire thing in black and white, and then just have the red edging? Do you think I should carry on like that for a while and do a repeat, so there are big panels down it, starting with red? Maybe if I did that the red would be too much, so instead, what if I do just a row of double crochet in red, and then start the repeat? Or perhaps I should just make the whole thing completely random, and just throw in little stripes of red now and then? I KNOW I need to keep the red fairly sparse or else it'll lose its effect. Please tell me what you think, I'm interested to know. Even if you think it's hideous.

Also, I've attached some of the other pieces that I've done, or are currently on my needles.

The jumper is just waiting to have it's collar knitted up. It was done using Rowan Drift, and it was an absolute dream to knit up. I used 8mm needles, and I was knitting it in conjunction with a girls dress I'm doing for my niece, which was on 3mm needles. It never ceases to amaze me how much quicker it is to do a chunky knit.

The laptop cover is finally finished! woo! Unfortunately the picture I took of the front is too large to attach, so I've attached the picture of the back. There are some flaws in the cabling, twice I was 2 rows out when I did the outside panel, and it's extremely obvious. But I'm pleased with it nonetheless; there are a few changes I'll make to the pattern if I do it again, but I think it'd make for a wonderful gift.

And finally, my Scrap Yarn Scarf. Actually, not really "scrap yarn"; I had knitted half a scarf in the black (it's actually a dark grey), and then couldn't find the yarn again after that. So I pulled it apart and used some white yarn I had left over. It turned out pretty good I think, extremely chunky (necessary for these cold Scottish winters which are always just around the corner).

Unfortunately those are all the pictures I have just now. I'll take pictures of the other stuff soon. Thanks for reading!

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OMG I love that computer bag.

OMG I love that computer bag.

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It is looking nice so far.

It is looking nice so far. Sometimes when dealing with colors, you have to make a decision of what goes where and that is the most difficult one. Depending on how much yarn you have and where it is you are putting it together, you may make a drawing of what you want it to look like, just as a guide.

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I have to agree with Scottly

I have to agree with Scottly on all points, I think. I like the idea of letting the afghan take on a life of it's own. I am currently doing the same thing with the Cheshire Cat tote I am currently working on. I'm sharing the idea with a few friends, taking some things they suggest into consideration, seeing what works out in the yarn, and just rolling with it (Wonderland-style.) I do think you'll want more red throughout the afghan than just a red border. And I kinda like the suggestion of even doing partial rows... make it a little like modern art.

The jumper looks great!

The laptop case is amazing! I might steal that one from you. It will give me a reintroduction to cables, which I haven't done in a couple years.

The scarf looks comfy :)

Good work!

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That's exactly what I'm

That's exactly what I'm doing, just kinda asking around for opinions and taking them on board. It's just nice to try and envision it through other peoples eyes, it seems to help the process.

The laptop case is a pretty good knit. I got it from Knitting With Balls, and just adapted it slightly. Today alone I've had 3 people ask where I got my laptop cover, and it's always a nice feeling when people ask that question.

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RE: Afghan I love the look so

RE: Afghan
I love the look so far - continue letting it decide what it want's to look like on its own and stay out of the way. I would imagine it will probably want tiny bits of red throughout maybe even just partial rows - but who am I to know the mind of a smartly growing afghan, they are so unperdictable. I would hate to second guess it.

RE: Jumper

RE: Laptop cover
Fabulous! Did you end up linning it?

RE: Scarf

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Thanks for the advice. I

Thanks for the advice. I think you're entirely right about wanting some red throughout, I know I want to keep it completely linear, so I'm thinking I'll do repeats with a smaller amount of red, and just have the borders as thick. But, like you said, I'll wait and let it decide by itself.

As for the laptop, I haven't lined it yet. I'm looking at the possibility of putting in some sort of layer of board perhaps, maybe even just on the flap. Because it's cabled, it naturally tried to bunch up like ribbing, so the flap looks slightly misshapen. But then I'll possibly line it with some sort of silk, just to make it extremely luxurious! haha!

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Beautiful work. Each one of

Beautiful work. Each one of your projects is done so nicely.

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Thanks so much! I need to

Thanks so much! I need to work on my finishing techniques, I find that to be the most taxing part of any project.