Hemlock Ring Doily

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This was an enjoyable knit.

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What a beautfiul piece! Your

What a beautfiul piece! Your work is absolutely exquisite. Way to go.

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That's beautifully done! It's

That's beautifully done! It's a simple lace, but interesting enough to keep you working on it. It's an old pattern, but Jared did it with larger yarns. You can take any doily pattern and use any yarn you want and make it into something different. It's a great starter pattern for lace work.

You did a beautiful job on that. Excellent.

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Nice job, I have used it for

Nice job, I have used it for a baby blanket.

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Thanks, Andy.

Thanks, Andy.

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I love that!!!! Beautifully

I love that!!!! Beautifully done. Where did the pattern come from? I would love to try one myself. What yarn and needle size did you use?

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Thanks, Scott. Here's the

Thanks, Scott. Here's the pattern link:


If it doesn't work, you can find it on Ravelry.

I used two, size 3, circular needles (I don't use double points unless I have to) and fingering weight yarn.

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That is very lovely. I've

That is very lovely. I've only seen the afghan that Jared Flood was inspired to make based on this pattern.

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Thank you, Joe.

Thank you, Joe.

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You are very welcome. Thanks

You are very welcome. Thanks for sharing it.