Snakes Alive! And some knitting/spinning items.

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I just had to share since we ran across this fella on our bike ride this morning. He's about a three foot bull snake and I took the opportunity to do some snake training with the dogs to teach them to leave them the heck be! So far so good.

Now, why we're all really here.

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I finished both market bags last week.

These were a break for me from the Christmas Cowls. I'm up to 5 done but seem to have stalled out so I've been spinning more this week.

If you remember, I made this:

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Well, more specifically this:

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Into this:

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Which is now becoming this:

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Which will be the Kimono Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls. I've done several of these now and have been excited about this one. And now I have all this wonderful lanolin smelling grey jacob lace weight yarn so I might as well use it, right?!?

From AKQGuy

And this morning I finished up the green and blue Kool-Aid dyed batch of roving as well.

That's been my week. Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend (US residents) and everyone else is having a wonderful start to their week.



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I grew up in central

I grew up in central Pennyslvania, not far from Penn State University, and there are portions of the mountains there that have more than their share of rattlesnakes. Hiking there is, at best, a testament to reptilian insanity in places. I think one variety is the Timber Rattlesnake. I don't recall if the diamondback snakes get that far north, but if they do, they are biggies!

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I got the blue and green

I got the blue and green stuff done as well as the purple and blue and got them plied this afternoon. Heehee... That's right, I just giggle a bit.

The second picture is of it hanging downstairs after a good socking to set the spin. No idea what the plan is for this yarn yet, but I was excited to get it done.

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Looking forward to seeing

Looking forward to seeing these in the flesh. So to speak.

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Hey, Quinton. I grew up

Hey, Quinton. I grew up along the bluffs of the Mississippi River, and never could tell the difference between a bullsnake and a rattlesnake. Forturnately, I think the smell of me having wet my pants probably sent the snakes one way and me back for dry drawers.
Your bags look phenomenal and the yarn is soooooooooo cool. Thanks for sharing.

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That's a beautiful bullsnake.

That's a beautiful bullsnake. Glad you took a moment to teach the kids about snake etiquette. The spinning looks great. And we've already talked about the bags. See you.

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I love bullsnakes! All snakes

I love bullsnakes! All snakes actually, though I'm perfectly happy for the water moccasins to stay in the swamp...

Have you done these bags before? How do they hold up in the long run?

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Finally, anothe slithery one

Finally, anothe slithery one lover! As for the bags, I have not so I dpn't know as of yet.

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Musta got it from my mother,

Musta got it from my mother, she caught me my first snake ever. I'd read a book about snakes and had been trying for weeks to find one, but couldn't. I still remember her standing at the back door one day, holding a (rather upset) garter snake by the tail, and saying, "would you do something with this please?"

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By the tail? She didn't get

By the tail? She didn't get herself bit?

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I find snakes both creepy and

I find snakes both creepy and facinating - I was as the care giver to a bullsnake in my highschool biology class by the name of Jeramia. Feeding him was not fun but I couldn't not watch.

The market bags are fabulous and isn't firefly a lovely yarn. I love the way it drapes and that tiny bit of sheen ita has. The Kimono Shawl was my first major lace project and I loved making it - I can't wait to see your's finished. What kind of goat is that? It is a goat, right?

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It's a jacob sheep actually.

It's a jacob sheep actually. It's an older (heirloom) breed of sheep. The firefly was nice but I worry if it will stand up to heavy loads/wear.

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I agree with everything Mark

I agree with everything Mark said, right down to and including where can I find the pattern for those cool bags?

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Hey there Quinton! Hopefully,

Hey there Quinton!
Hopefully, your dogs learn from the bullsnake since they so remarkably resemble the rattler. Gladly, they aren't poisonous, but they can give small animals quite a "hug" when they are threatened.

I like the market bags a lot. What yarn did you use and where can I find the pattern?


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The pattern is a free ravelry

The pattern is a free ravelry pattern called the Ilene Bag. Found here:

And I used Classic Elite's Firefly yarn (viscose and linen) for the green and their Cricket (cotton and linen) for the blue one.

As for snakes, thats nature and I prefer mice geting the "hug" over getting in my house.

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Thanks, Quinton! I appreciate

Thanks, Quinton! I appreciate the info. You can keep the snake for yourself...outside is definitely better than in the house!