My first attempt at kniting a baby sweater

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Not that great but it was fun doing it. Yes, it is still in my stash of finished pieces. Maybe one day it will turn into a pair of socks for me.

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Welcome to the group. Very

Welcome to the group. Very cute sweater.

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Welcome to the group Debra! I

Welcome to the group Debra! I echo Dennis's sentiments about the guys on this site. They are wonderful. They have coached me from a beginning knitter in 9/10 and I still rely on them heavily for inspiration and to help me get out of a jam and to learn new things. The baby sweater is really cute. I just finished one for my mom, so I share your pride in sharing it with others. It was my first sweater as well. You did an excellent job.

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Hi and welcome to the group,

Hi and welcome to the group, these are the greatest guys with more expertise and knowledge than any group I know of. Enjoy and please do draw on everyone's knowledge.

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Welcome. Cute sweater. I

Welcome. Cute sweater. I hope the youngster likes it a lot.

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Very nice sweater. And

Very nice sweater. And welcome to the group.