Long circular needles - found 'em!

A couple weeks ago, one of the fellas was mentioning that he was looking for some needles that were a little longer to make it easier to keep in hand. Here's what I found:
I prefer to knit 2 at a time whenever possible therefore I need a really long circular, usually 40" since my hands are pretty large. I bought some from Amazon.com and have to say that I'm pretty impressed so far with the needles I bought. The set is a complete set from 0 - #15 and I ordered the 40" length, but they offer these complete sets in all the common lengths. The beautiful part is that the small sizes like 0 - #3 are all 5" long. The company is Stitchberry and the needles I got were the premium bamboo. As I like working with bamboo, I didn't look to see if they offer them in nickel or anything.
One last thing, I paid $20 for the whole set, so if anything should happen to any of them, I won't be out much and hopefully will have tons of projects made by then.
Almost forgot to mentiont that the cable is a non-memory type of plastic. I'm soooo happy with this purchase. Just thought I'd share.


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If the joins are metal and

If the joins are metal and bamboo - like the KA - and the metal part slips off, you can fix it with white glue or, better yet, super glue. Just a small amount is more than enough to re-anchor the needle, letting it sit overnight. [Less, with the super glue.] That's what I did with my KA needles while knitting on some socks.

But you know, Tallguy, I was

But you know, Tallguy, I was reading one of the reviews and she (don't remember her name) was right about keeping this in mind: "Not the set you want for your primary set."
That really worked for me because after this sweater im doing, I'll probably just use them for socks or the odd-sized project that'll come along.
but until addi or someone better makes that long size needle in smaller sizes, these could work until then.

PS. I haven't had any sticky issues. will keep my eye out for them though.

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I look at them and they are a

I look at them and they are a very good deal. I was almost ready to buy them for myself (not that I really need another set of circular needles), and then I read the reviews. Not very good. Too many people had trouble with the stickiness of the cable, and many had the joins come apart. I don't think there was really anyone that had a positive response to these. So I guess it is true -- you DO get what you paid for them.

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Sounds like a great deal.

Sounds like a great deal. Here's hoping they give you many hours of knitting pleasure.