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Hey Guys I just wanted to share some of my latest projects. My wife and I volunteer at our local Senior Center and they were in need of things for their gift shop so I made these baby afghans for them. I enjoyed making all of them but my favorite one is the log cabin. I plan on making another one in the future. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Cuddle Up 1.JPG31.1 KB
Feather & Fan 1.JPG22.28 KB
Granny Square 1.JPG22.79 KB
Hush-A-Bye 1.JPG22.63 KB
Log Cabin 1.JPG30.38 KB
Soft & Sweet 1.JPG20.87 KB


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What a lovely collection.

What a lovely collection.

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Quite nice, Dennis. I

Quite nice, Dennis. I imagine they'll get snapped up fairly quickly.

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These are all wonderful

These are all wonderful pieces and will not only be lovely additions to the gift shop but to someone's home for their newest addition. I have to agree though, the log cabin is my favorite as well and I love the blending of the traditional baby colors with the not so traditional colors.

Again, wonderful work

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great pieces They will be a

great pieces They will be a nice addition to the gift shop.