Rainbow Ruffle shawl

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Hi Everyone,
I want to take a moment to present you all my new shawl pattern. It's a trapezoidal shawl made from 2 balls of KnitPick's Chroma (1 colored ball, and 2 solid balls). I hope you all like, and maybe a special someone you know would like one. It's a free pattern. You can download it from ravelry from the link below, and I'll also save it as an attachment for those who aren't on ravelry.

download now

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Stunning! Great color work.

Stunning! Great color work. Please let us know when you've got more patterns!

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Thanks! I've got a couple

Thanks! I've got a couple more ideas in my head currently. Now it's just getting them worked up, and translated into a written pattern.

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Your shawl is lovely and you

Your shawl is lovely and you are very generous to share the pattern with us.

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Thanks Joe, and Cacunn!

Thanks Joe, and Cacunn!

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That is a lovely shawl. I

That is a lovely shawl. I really like the way the rainbow is complimented by the gray.

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Very nice!

Very nice!