Gregg's Blanket

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OK so I kind of only pretend to know how to knit - it's OK though because I find that the majority of people are easy to fool - I make up blankets using lots of different yarns, and just knitting (no patterns!) and quit when I think it's long enough - I'm learning SLOWLY - and most recently (after starting to hang out at a cute local yarn shop owned by an 88 year old lady) began my first sweater.

It's fun and I look forward to being more creative (after learning how to read patterns!

This blanket was for my partner - I made it about a year ago... he loves PURPLE!



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I think I like it to have it

I think I like it to have it as a trow in my bed.

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Great looking! Actually a

Great looking! Actually a hell of a lot better than I could come up with!

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hey- you obviously have an

hey- you obviously have an 'eye' - judging by the results - so who cares if it is "just knit" -- in some cases ribs, lace or "fancywork" would just detract.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I play a character who does.

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Great color choices and textures! Congrats.

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Wanna start a Stitch n

Wanna start a Stitch n Bitch?

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it's beautiful!!! my boyf

it's beautiful!!! my boyf loves purple too, it's hard to think of purple things to knit up!!