Ralf's vest

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This one is for my husband Ralf. It's in Classic Elite's Firefly which is 75% viscose and 25% linen and slick as snot. As you can see from the picture I'm having a tough time keeping my tension nice and tight - in fact my fingers hurt like hell. I've used this yarn a lot before but only for lace and knitting loosely wasn't a problem but I need the vest to be pretty tightly knitted. Blocking will help a great deal in smoothing it out and fortunately it's consistantly inconsistant enough so that it looks like a textural choice instead of my inability to knit the stuff tightly. The ribbing really looks sloppy - oh, well, we'll see. The color was hard to capture but it's basically olive - really, the color of a green olive.


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The slickness of the rayon

The slickness of the rayon would definitely be a hassle. But you seem to be doing quite well, all that considered. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

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Thanks Joe, it's getting

Thanks Joe, it's getting easier as I go along.

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For someone who didn't like

For someone who didn't like to knit sweaters, you are going like a house on fire. I really like the colour. You are making great progress as I notice you have bound off for the underarms. Looks wonderful.

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Never say never. I can't

Never say never. I can't believe how much fun it is to knit these things. I'm still not sure I'm up to a whole sweater but it's nice to know I can actually knit something to an actual guage and the most fun is the assembly phase. Learning the mattress stitch was like learning a magic trick.

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Aw, c'mon. The only

Aw, c'mon. The only difference between a sweater and a vest is sleeves. I bet you'd do a great job on a sweater.

Vest looks like it's coming along nicely; and I like the color, too.

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I have to confess there's a

I have to confess there's a hoody pullover in Knits Men Want that both Ralf and I like - I will probably attmept it if I see a fiber that inspires me. Ralf isn't a wool fan so I need to find something else and it sure isn't going to be the rayon stuff. We're pretty much the same size and we share most of our jackets and coat things so I need to find something we can both tolerate.

My way to deal with this type

My way to deal with this type of yarn and tension issue is to work in seed stitch, instead of stockinette. The texture of the seed eliminates the appearance of uneveness. Too late to rip?! ...maybe next time!

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It looks great. The one who

It looks great. The one who knits it always the most critical. He is going to love it. Look forward to seeing it completed.