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Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Radcliffe. It's new out this year and has a lot of what I have been looking for in terms of taking traditional flat designs and using circular techniques to make them in different ways. I got a really good deal on the $24.95 book at Amazon.com offering it at $16.47. It's 319 pages long (softback) printed on beautifully lush paper and bound very well. In order to get my order up to the $25 for free shipping, I also bought The Very Easy Guide to Cable Knitting by Lynne Watterson (144 pages softback) also printed on excellent paper stock. I have used the cable knitting book already and have had great success with it. I had borrowed it from my local library first to see if it is something I would like in my own library. Since I could get the $22 book for $8.80 it was a good deal, especially because it raised me up beyond the free shipping, which saved me about another $10. I'm already getting some good ideas on projects to work on over summer so I am ready with next winter's birthday and Christmas gifts.

Circular Knitting Workshop

Very Easy Guide to Cable Knitting


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Mark, Just for your

Just for your information, Ms. Radcliffe has a group on Ravelry with the same name as her book. I think you can ask her questions within this group. I have a copy of her "The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques". She does such a good job at explaining different techniques (the book is brimming with techniques, tips, and excellent photographs). I have learned so much from her book. You might want to look at this to add to your library. Happy reading....Cullen

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Stop!!!!!! You all have to

Stop!!!!!! You all have to stop showing me knitting books that I have to buy, I'm running out of room.

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Thanks guys. I am really

Thanks guys. I am really enjoying reading the one on circular knitting. Readcliffe really is a very clear writer. She has an enormous amount of good information in the book. I bought this one on blind faith because it wasn't at my local library yet. The cable book was, so I knew what I was getting with that one. Like you guys, I'm very selective about how I spend money, especially when the library has so many for free. Our library has a huge section on knitting and crafts.
Happy reading and stitching!

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I am a sucker for Books,

I am a sucker for Books, Books and more Books. I will be buying this one for sure.

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Thanks for that, Mark. I

Thanks for that, Mark. I just put a hold on both of them at the library.

I bet it's a great book. I've

I bet it's a great book. I've been getting the Knit n Style magazines and Margaret Radcliffe writes really great articles for that mag. Just off the top of my head, I remember she wrote one titled 5 cast-ons you can't live without and another was about substituting slip stitches to make a huge impact on your fabric. She's really great.

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Most interesting. I'm a big

Most interesting. I'm a big fan of borrowing books from your local library and then choosing which ones to put in the personal collection. It not only supports your local library, it gives you a chance to preview a book more thoroughly than a quick look through at a local shop or webpage. Enjoy.