Corydon man's sweater published!

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Check out my new pattern, Corydon, in the latest issue of Knitter's Magazine! It's a comfy pullover and was really difficult to send away... I might have to make another for myself!

You can find it on ravelry here:

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Great pattern! Looks quite

Great pattern! Looks quite warm!

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Here's a link to get everyone

Here's a link to get everyone there a little more easily.

Corydon Pattern

Very nice - I love that collar!

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thanks for that (I should

thanks for that (I should have done it as a link lol)


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I noticed it right away,

I noticed it right away, Kyle, and almost made a comment about it here and at Ravelry. Great looking design.

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Well done, Kyle! ...that's

Well done, Kyle!
...that's very wearable...