FO's, Works In Progress, and Yarn Shortage Inspired Hiatus's

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Ain't it pretty? This is the handspun I finished plying and dying last week. Bad news is, I'm out. So I get to spin more this week. I think I'm going to dye it either a dark purple, or just add black to darken the next batch. The good news is I ran out as I reached the border so it's a great transition area to bring in a new color.

In the process of running out of that, I started some hats.

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And have moved onto some socks

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They will be going with me to Colorado on this weekends IKEA run. I need a better stool for spinning and I think the IKEA vitamin stool will fit the bill perfectly and every serious knitter needs road knitting. Right?

As for the hats, the top one is from ravelry and the pattern name is Claudia. I really like it and may have to make another one since both of the green hats are chemo hats for a friend of a friend. The bottom green one can also be found on ravelry and is call a Hurricane Hat. The subtle spiral that this particular yarn kind of hides looks like a low pressure storm system which is where I gather the name comes from. The gray and black on is something I made up. It's actually for me but seems to be causing some skin issues. It's a llama/silk blend and my mom is horribly allergic to alpaca and I'm starting to wonder if I have a llama allergy. I've been getting very red and itchy from wearing it. Damn... Maybe I can pawn it off as a gift to someone. After a good washing of course.

Well, Hope you all have a great weekend.


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Your work is always amazing.

Your work is always amazing. I am also amazed that you do the spinning and dying and then the knitting. Talk about a holistic approach! I would love to hop on a plane and visit you sometime just to watch you do the spinning and dying. I think that would be fun. Thanks for sharing. You look very good in the hat!

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Thanks, but I'm just learning

Thanks, but I'm just learning the art of spinning and the science of dying. There are several other people on here (CraftyAndy and Bradferd to name a couple) that would be better to watch and learn from I think. But thanks for the compliment and I am hoping that in the near future I will be able to spin much more of my own yarns.

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You are a knitting God!

You are a knitting God! Everything - incredible!

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Far from it. Just patient and

Far from it. Just patient and sometimes too much of a perfectionist, but I appreciate it anyway. Yoiu can call me a knitting god any day.

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Allergies can be such a

Allergies can be such a bitch. I'm very grateful that there's no such thing as cat yarn...

The hats look great, I especially like the blue one out of your homespun, and I'm glad you ran out at a good point for a transition! How do people dye big consistent batches for things like sweaters?

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I've seen stories of people

I've seen stories of people spinning up cat and dog hair... But I doubt it's very marketable for wholesale. As for the dying. I'm sure they keep better notes than I on water volume and dye amounts as well as they dye in large quantities unlike myself and the two skeins at a time method.

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I imagine the first project

I imagine the first project is a shawl and the colour is spectacular. I agree that the introduction of another colour will show it off. The hats are wonderful. I need one of those Hurricane hats because that is how my thoughts seem to swirl around at time. I have followed your lead and am making some hats for homeless in Canada. Rather satisfying work.

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It is, isn't it? I need to

It is, isn't it? I need to make time this week to do up some more baby hats for charity. As for the hurricane hat, I was thinking I may make myself one in blue. It's a simple pattern but such a cool effect. It's a free download on ravelry so have at it! What color are you going to make yours?

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Wonderful hats, Quinton!

Wonderful hats, Quinton!

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Thanks you. They are great

Thanks you. They are great patterns.

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Hope you hava fun trip to

Hope you hava fun trip to Colorado. The socks look perfect for travel. Love the hats and would say "Pick me...pick me!" for the gray and black one except I'm allergic to llama also: I had an allergy attack when trying to spin some llama wool a friend offered to give me several years ago. Oddly enough, I seem to be okay wearing and knitting alpaca. Just one of those things.
ETA: Forgot to mention that the shawl looks great! That yarn is very luscious and I look forward to seeing what you dye for the edging.

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IT was a great trip, and

IT was a great trip, and IKEA... Amazing, yet exhausting. I too have had no problems with knitting or wearing alpaca and I was worried since my mother has a very drastic and immediate response to the point that I make sure that yarn that will be used for her never comes in contact with Alpaca. She gets her own drawer. But I wore the hat again today with the same results. I'm going to try washing it good to make sure it's not maybe a pollen or the detergent they used with their yarns since I didn't have an issue knitting it. I do recall sneezing several times but no skin issues which I would think would have bugged my hands for the few hours of knitting it took up.

As for the shawl, I'm spinning more this week. Fingers crossed.