Shetland stole

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I just finished this traditional Shetland stole. It measures about 80 x 200 cm and is knitted from 91 grammes of 1 ply Shetland Supreme which is about 1500metres. The patterns are from Sharon Miller's book "Heirloom Knitting".
Best regards from a sunny Denmark

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Very impressive work .....The

Very impressive work .....The medallion shawl was already amazing....Your work is very inspiring.
Isayogini from Paris France

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Thanks for all the kind

Thanks for all the kind comments.
To Kerry: The name of the center pattern and the edging is "Elaborated Print O' the Wave" The borders are the "Tree of Life" pattern.
Best regards

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This is just magnificent,

This is just magnificent, truly a master piece, just beautiful, I am in awe!!

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My fingers just can't

My fingers just can't manipulate that gossamer wheight yarn - I am so jealous, I mean really jealous - I doubt that I will ever be able to reach that level of knitting. One of the most beautiful pieces I've seen!

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That is just gorgeous, Aage.

That is just gorgeous, Aage. I really like the way you tied together the center design and edging by using the same motif. Congratulations.

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What beautiful work Aage.

What beautiful work Aage. What is the name of the pattern?

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OMG! That is F'n amazing!

OMG! That is F'n amazing!

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A masterpiece. Beautiful

A masterpiece. Beautiful design and work. Did you like working with the Shetland supreme?

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