My Noro Hat

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I just loved this was so easy, the little girl not smiling is "Lola"

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I am making that same hat in

I am making that same hat in Patons SWS, autumn colors. Can't wait to see how mine comes out!

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It was a real fun knit and

It was a real fun knit and was quick to do I used Noro Kureyon. I just love Noro colours. I look forward to seeing yours, autumn colours sound great.

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And all three (hat, afghan

And all three (hat, afghan and dog) look wonderfully warm and cuddly.

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Lola definitely has a "What?!

Lola definitely has a "What?! Why are you disturbing my nap with your silly photos?" look. Nice knitting, though.

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Geez, Dennis. A handknit

Geez, Dennis. A handknit afghan, a handknit hat, and a dog - you really know how to take a picture. All three gorgeous. Did you just take Lola's bone away? What is the pattern by the way.

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Hi Ron is a pattern I

Hi Ron is a pattern I ran across on Rav called "My Noro Hat" but can't remember which group. It was the ladies blog that really got me going, it was quite amusing.