Baby Alpaca

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I just bought some baby alpaca yarn. Mainly because I want to see how it knits up for me. So far I like it. It is definitely a very soft yarn. Making a Celtic Cable Scarf. Expensive though. $17 a for a 126 yard skein.

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Love it! I agree with you on

Love it! I agree with you on the price though. I just bought some local alpaca for about $15/skein. I still have no idea how much yardage is there. When I mentioned the price to a friend of mine, she thought it was pretty good.

I will say, that when talking to a lady who owned a yarn store in Ann Arbor, MI, she told me that most of her male customers knitted almost exclusively with alpaca for the feel of it. and no, she's not the one I bought my alpaca from.

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That's great looking yarn.

That's great looking yarn. You better watch it...your wife may appropriate the scarf.