A little catching up

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I have a habit of starting new projects when I stll have others on the needles. Then later (just like letting a room get messy and doing a massive cleanup) I feel the need to finish things. The first on the list was the socks I started this spring and sort of forgot about. Since I had yarn leftover from my sweater fiasco, I decided to make the toes from it. The pattern is my favorite "lazy sock" (only 44 stitches, worsted) pattern, "Thuja," though I have altered it just slightly to my own taste. I like the seed stitch ribbing so I do basically the same sock when I knit simple socks with patterned fingering weight yarn and 68 stitches per round. It makes the knitting a little more interesting too.

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Then since I still had leftover yarn from the red socks, what could I do but do a gray sock and finish it with the red?

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Next in line is to finish off the sock of a pair that came out a bit too short. It's my housemate's birthday tomorrow and I know they'll fit him!


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Very nice knitting, Bob. I

Very nice knitting, Bob. I really should try the "Thuja"....it looks like a great basic sock.

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I usually recommended it to

I usually recommended it to people who want to try socks for the first time. It only has 44 stitches in a round so it's not a huge time investment (I can turn out a pair in 2 days if I really put my mind to it) but it's a nice enough sock to really wear too.

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It would indeed make a great

It would indeed make a great teaching sock. Oh, for the days when I would also turn out a pair of socks in two days....

Come to think of it, that was when I knit them in worsted. :-P

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Your socks are beautiful. I,

Your socks are beautiful. I, too, like the seed stitch rib - makes an attractive pattern.