flipping a cable

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Stupid question of the week - you have a pattern for a cable - but want to work the garment the other verticle direction; do you just work the chart top down ?

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Yes! you can reverse and

you can reverse and work the chart from top down...
This is specially good when you have an intertwining cable pattern..several cables criscrossing and joining into one...

I recently did a poncho from top down...that way...



Uh, well, no. Mario,

Uh, well, no. Mario, Mario, MARIO: A cable pattern is symetrical. Well, I'm spouting that because I can't imagine a case of an asymetrical cable. I just don't have that "Dali" gene . . .

So: if you knit it up OR down it will still be the same configuration.

NB: depending on your WS rows, you may end up with a mirror image of what the intended pattern was to be, but: who's to know from the back of a galloping horse???

Just my US$0.02 worth.
~Mike in Tampa ( who's given up worrying about the minutae of linear knitted recipes. He says "knit it. Who the Hell cares about rules? If it looks good, marry it!") See? I need to be moderated, I think . . . HA!


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I just knit a sweater from

I just knit a sweater from the top down and put a wide celtic braid down the front. I just followed the chart as I would if I were knitting the other way. Most braids and cables look the same from either end. Check out the one you're doing and I am sure it is probably the same flipped upside down.