Lacy socks pattern

Hi guys!
So I decided to make my sister a pair of socks but im thinking a plain ribbed leg is a sleeper for a woman's sock. So far I haven't really seen any patterns that are lacy and really dynamic.
Does anyone have a pattern that I might use to knit sis some socks?


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This is my go to site for the

This is my go to site for the interesting and free. The link will take you to the Lacey Sock section but there are lots of sections to browse through.
lacey socks

Hope you find something you like.

I do have to add that I've made my sister quite a few pairs of socks and she loves a good solid pair of soft and luxurious crew socks. Just so you know, a straight 2x2 rib in a lovely cashmere blend can be very girly.

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I agree with Mmario; try

I agree with Mmario; try Ravelry. One word of caution, though: Be prepared for the lace to add to the stretch of the sock. I designed a lacework sock that was a bit larger than I expected because I didn't know to factor that in. Still, it was a fun knit.

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There's a book,

There's a book, that has some very nice patterns; you can also get some of them individually. You might find something you like there.

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If you are on ravelry I would

If you are on ravelry I would spend some time browsing...umpty gazillion lace socks patterns there.