Knitting with Two Colors - New Book by Meg Swanson

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How lucky we stranded knitters are lately! Three new technique books in about as many months. The latest is “Knitting with Two Colors: Techniques for Stranded Knitting and Designing Color-Patterned Garments” by Meg Swanson & Amy Detjen, published by Schoolhouse Press. For those of you who might not know, Meg Swanson is the daughter of the late great Elizabeth Zimmermann and is a knitting giant in her own right.
This book is a very useful book on colour knitting. It is similar to the book “Sweaters from Camp” in its common sense and practical approach (but it doesn't contain garment patterns). It has 64 pages with colour photos on almost every page. The chapters are Introduction,

1.Getting Started (with techniques, trapping the wool, a practice cap pattern).
2.Garment Construction (with choosing patterns, increasing & decreasing, shaping within colour patterns, working armholes, shaping the neck, short rows, shaping shoulders with short rows, short rows in the round (!), steeking, sleeves, armhole, neck and cardigan borders, buttonholes, bind-off and cast-off, grafting, finishing up).
3.Designing Your Own (with charts for circumference and gauge combinations, EZ's percentage system, pivots stitches, centering any pattern, body, armhole, neck shaping.
4.Miscellaneous (with using 2 circs, knitting backwards, switching hands, picture knitting, colour choices, practice cap pattern, fixing mistakes, Armenian knitting, intarsia in the round (!), after-thought pockets, jogless joins, Latvian braids and centering motifs for yoke sweaters.

This is a great book and deserves to be in every stranded colour knitter's library! It is available on-line from Schoolhouse Press.

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I'm glad she co-wrote this.

I'm glad she co-wrote this. There is always some great tips in Meg's books, just like her mother's.

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Thanks for the heads up,

Thanks for the heads up, Jesse. I will order it today.

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Thanks, Jesse! Missed that

Thanks, Jesse!
Missed that one...looks great.
I'm a big Meg Swanson fan!

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Meg Swanson is a super

Meg Swanson is a super instructor. Our guild had a workshop on knitting Baby surprise jacket, and we followed her DVD to do the class. It was very informative and helpful. I will have to check out this book.
Thank You for sharing it with us.

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I have a DVD of fairisle

I have a DVD of fairisle instruction by Meg. It was very helpful to me and I appreciated her method of instruction. Somehow, she is very relaxed about it all and I think this approached helped me to relax and to just knit.