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It took me 10 months and 2 days - I'm happy with that (although, to be fair, it spent much of that time sitting in the closet. )

It's Jared Flood's "Cobblestone" which I suppose some of you wouldn't find entertaining enough, but I like the fact that it didn't require a lot of thinking. It's a wonderful pattern.

I knit it up in Cascade's "Ecological Wool" which I find a bit gruff, but it's wonderful to knit with and did soften up a little after soaking - I'd definitely use it again, especially for something that has a layer between it and skin. It's also priced reasonably comfortably!1

Now, if I could lose that 25 pounds, I wouldn't have to suck in my gut to get a good picture of it!!

Grace and peace,

Cobblestone - Blocked.jpg862.26 KB
Cobblestone - Unblocked 1.jpg531.75 KB


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Beautiful work! I'm jealous.

Beautiful work! I'm jealous.

scottly's picture

Tim, you look great in that

Tim, you look great in that sweater and what a great job! It's been on my que for almost three years and I keep putting it off. I'm not really sweater guy (I get to hot in them unless the temp is sub arctic) but I love the looks of that one. My big question is, is it comfortable? Do you think it would it be hard to translate it to a sport wt yarn?

teejtc's picture

It's a pretty straightforward

It's a pretty straightforward pattern; I'd think it would adapt pretty easily... of course, that'd mean a LOT more knitting :-)

I haven't checked, but you might ask the Brooklyntweed forum on revelry, they do a fair amount of adapting; maybe someone has already tried it.

Grace and peace,

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It's great Tim! You should

It's great Tim! You should take on Stephen West's Loxley next ( and wear it with the Cobblestone and you'd look pretty much like you just stepped out of the 14th century!

Jonathan in DC

TomH's picture

That is a great pattern.

That is a great pattern. Putting it on my list, too. (And the model is gorgeous!)

teejtc's picture

Oooh....I hadn't seen that

Oooh....I hadn't seen that one.... on my que! Thanks!

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Looks great Tim, great job!

Looks great Tim, great job!

WillyG's picture

Agreed - It looks great!

Agreed - It looks great! Congrats on a job well done!

PeterMark's picture

Now I am inspired to dig out

Now I am inspired to dig out the partially finished "Cobblestone" I have sitting around and finish it. We'll see what happens. In any case, I don't have one of those really cool Roman collars to wear under it ... : )

teejtc's picture

The collar things an easy

The collar things an easy fix.... :-)

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very nice, Tim. Looks quite

Very nice, Tim. Looks quite good on you.

michaelpthompson's picture

Looks great. That's an

Looks great. That's an interesting pattern.

VTandPTguy's picture

Congrats; great looking

Congrats; great looking sweater! Cobblestone is on my 'To Knit' list also. Any tips on adjustments you made to the pattern? Your fit looks great.

teejtc's picture

I actually knit the pattern

I actually knit the pattern as written casting on 194 stitches. My gauge was bit tight, but I stuck with size 7 needles - I've found I'm usually pretty close to gauge (it fell right into place when I soaked it.) The only change is that I knit the torso a tiny bit longer than it called for.

I used the stretchy bind-off from here:

I loved the bind-off so much that I actually picked out the bind off on a sweater I made a few years ago (but never liked the neck on), knit a few more rows and used this stretchy one (I found a little ball of the yarn stuck in the back of my stash). It's great, fast and a lot more convenient than a sewing bind-off.

I Kitchener stitched the underarms.

Grace and peace,

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That's a great looking

That's a great looking sweater. Yours actually looks nicer that the picture on the pattern!

MMario's picture

Many projects benefit from a

Many projects benefit from a bit of maturing in storage; some before finishing, some after finishing.

ronhuber's picture

Lovely work even if it took

Lovely work even if it took 10 months. Maybe you could work that into a sermon on perseverance (grin).

TomH's picture

Wonderful job. And as others

Wonderful job. And as others have said, you look great in it.

vsidart's picture

Yay Tim! Very handsome! (and

Yay Tim!
Very handsome!
(and the sweater too!)
Beautiful fit!

james's picture

It looks terrific, Tim!

It looks terrific, Tim! Beautiful job! It's a great pattern, too, isn't it! Jared is a genius! :-)

Kerry's picture

It looks great Tim, and as

It looks great Tim, and as Bill says very huggable. Cobblestone has been on my to do list for ages and one of my favourite sweaters.

Bill's picture

Looks great on you,

Looks great on you, Tim!
...(and the bit of tummy is very huggable..a good thing!)

superi's picture

It looks great! You did a

It looks great! You did a very nice job, and it looks flattering on you.