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Well, the second Weasley Sweater is finished. FINALLY!

Seems like forever, though it's just been since the beginning of November. It's actually a fairly simple design, but takes lots and lots of stocking stitch. Spent over 16 hours yesterday knitting the last sleeve, and five hours today to do the initial on the front in duplicate stitch. It's a little inconsistent, but I guess that adds to the homey look.

I learned a lot with this project, and two things especially during the process of doing the duplicate stitch. Last time I did one of these sweaters, I did the initial with intarsia, but I wasn't satisfied with the appearance, so I tried the duplicate stitch this time. Watched a couple of videos and gave it a try. I did learn to do duplicate stitch, but I also discovered that that my knit stitches are apparently upside down. The "V" points downward instead of upward. I knit this with circular needles from the bottom up. Any ideas on that are welcome.

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Well duh! I guess I should

Well duh! I guess I should have thought of that, or looked more closely. Makes a lot more sense than my upside down theory. It was knit bottom up Q, so that's not the problem. The original pattern called for flat knitting, and I did it in the round, but otherwise, followed instructions. Guess I just got focused one way and didn't see I was half a column off.

The yarn and color are fairly unique. I did one for my brother a couple of years ago in burgundy and I tried to find a blue version of the same yarn. Didn't find it, but I ran across this Hunter Green on eBay. It's been discontinued now, so this is truly one-of-a-kind in that sense.

How cool is that?? I'm sure

How cool is that?? I'm sure the recipient is going to love it more than Weasley liked his. Excellent yarn choices. I recently made my 11 y/o nephew a Ben 10 hoodie sweater. I have to make all kinds of promises to get him to wash it regularly. Im taking that as a success. Im sure yours will be too.

PS Happy new year!

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Looks Great, and love the

Looks Great, and love the color. It looks like a lot of love went into this project.

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Looks great, Michael. But,

Looks great, Michael. But, as everyone pointed out, the half-stitch move would have made it less frustrating for you. Oh well...just another lesson moment.

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I really like your sweater,

I really like your sweater, Michael. What an accomplishment. I think Dennis is correct when he said that if you looked half a column to the left or the right you would see the "V". It happens to me often because the space between the inverted "v" in my knitting is much more pronounced. Perhaps it is in everyone's knitting. And after all these years I still have to look for the V when counting stitches or doing tension swatches.
However, it is a great sweater and what a wonderful gift.

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I would say you started your

I would say you started your duplicate stitch in the wrong column...does that make sense...by moving one strand either way your "v" should appear upright????????

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Great looking sweater. I

Great looking sweater. I love the color.

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Was the original pattern from

Was the original pattern from the top down? It just means that you knit in the opposite direction. Just move your duplicate stitch starting point over half a stitch and your "v" will be pointed the correct way.

I like it just the way it is!

I like it just the way it is!