Stuck on Seed Stitch here

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hey guys ... I just started knitting a couple years in NYC and am thankful for PURL in Soho..
want to break out of scarves ...starting on a blanket... love the seed stitch.. any men's knitting groups here in NYC worthwhile?


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Hey Hud, Have you tried the

Hey Hud,

Have you tried the Wednesday night group at Knitty City (Upper West Side on 79th Street). I stopped in a talked to some of the guys once, but it conflicts with my schedule so I haven't been able to participate. You might want to give it a try. Knitty City has always been very welcoming to me every time I've gone in. Good luck!



Hey Hudson, I hope your

Hey Hudson,
I hope your search turns out better than mine. I still haven't found a knitting group yet, but I have found a new knitting buddy. I figure if I keep building on that . . . I'll only have to add wine and cheese. Group made.

Way too cute with the ears! Happy new year!

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Hi there Hud! I know what

Hi there Hud! I know what you mean about Purl in Soho - and I've been looking for a men's knitting group in NYC for a while too. I'm meaning to get around to it next year, so I'll let you know if I find anything worthwhile! In the meantime, happy knitting! Nigel

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Please Nigel ( Men's knitting

Please Nigel ( Men's knitting group) I figure it's a good way to not only meet other peeps but learn from others..
and I'll let you know the same
Yep...Purl's the best right?.. I end up dropping some serious coin in there though.. lol

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Hudson, Welcome to

Hudson, Welcome to MWK...Great group!! Love the bunny ears!!

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tee hee...thanks

tee hee...thanks

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Sweet! thanks for the warm

Sweet! thanks for the warm welcome Joe.

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You are very welcome.

You are very welcome.

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Can't address the knitting

Can't address the knitting groups but I do want to say "Welcome to MWK!" We are a fun group of knitters and always enjoy new faces.