The Mother-in-law Shawl

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It's wonderful to see what gifts you guys made and received! We're having a wonderful, quiet Monday here in DC. Fire in the fireplace, leftover Christmas breakfast casserole and sourdough coffee cake, and hot tea. My elbow is much better - yesterday for Christmas I got to wash up a bit and put on a new bandage. I felt like a new guy! Today we'll eat leftovers - roast duck, asparagus casserole, and maybe go see the Tintin movie.

Here's the shawl I made for my partner's mom - it's the yarn I spun right after a Pluckyfluff workshop, spun up of different colors and fibers.

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Beautiful work Jonathon.

Beautiful work Jonathon.

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Very nice spinning and

Very nice spinning and knitting, Jonathan. That pattern is perfect for that yarn. I'm sure she'll appreciate it very much.

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It is just beautiful.

It is just beautiful. Nothing like hand spun yarn. It has the appearance of like no other yarn. I love using my own spun yarn. I hardly ever buy commercial yarn any more. I try to use my own spun yarn. You did a great job.

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Beautiful Work!! Great color

Beautiful Work!! Great color and yarn..

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Beautiful shawl. I really

Beautiful shawl. I really like the yarn type and definitely the color. It looks so cozy warm. What kind of yarn did you use and did you spin/dye it yourself.


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Hi Mark, Yep - yarn was made

Hi Mark,

Yep - yarn was made from raw fleece that I dyed in small batches and then carded along with silk thread and some natural browns. It was a lot of fun to make, from the dye pot to the knitting up of the shawl.

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Jonathan, Really, really


Really, really nice. Love the fibre and the dye job. Looks great and I bet it has a fabulous feel.