Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting - Great News!

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Great news for Fair Isle enthusiasts! I just discovered that the old Starmore book has been reprinted and is now available. I'm happy about this but there is a certain sting remembering how much I paid for my then out-of-print copy!

I think this is the very best book on stranded colour work technique ever.

You can find it on for only US$19.77!


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I much prefer the hard cover

I much prefer the hard cover edition and I have to agree with you that it was probably a cost-saving move. I always wondered why it wasn't reprinted before this as it was easy to see the out-of-print copies were selling for big money. The internet with Youtube and etc has made most of my knitting books redundant as has the flood of information on new knitting information and techniques. But, in spite of all this, even though I would give up 95% of my current knitting books, this is one book I will definitely keep.

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I beleive Ms. Starmore has

I beleive Ms. Starmore has written somewhere that the delay in re-printing was due to some legal issues regarding ownership or rights to the book. It took years to untangle, but apparently it is all settled now, and we have this version of the book. I don't know whether she actually retains any rights to the book or whether a publisher owns the book. I hope some of her other books will be coming out soon as well.

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The new version is as user

The new version is as user friendly as the original. I have some concern about the binding not holding up as well, but that's how they could keep the cost down.