Darrel went to a lot of work here but would you like to see the face pics back on the hompage???

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Hell Yes
47% (61 votes)
29% (37 votes)
12% (16 votes)
Don't Care
12% (15 votes)
Total votes: 129


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I had set my skin NOT to

I had set my skin NOT to show member pics -- not because I don't like looking at everyone's purty faces, but because the nonuniform image sizes were creating some wacky layouts and (on the ancient Web broswers at work) cutting off parts of posts on the main page.

I'd be a fan of userpics if they could be constrained to a standard size: say, 150x150 pixels. This would probably require most users to reupload their images, but it would avoid future display hassles.

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I think it's more important

I think it's more important to have the pix on the members' page. Great job on the site, Darrel!

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The members list is

The members list is partially back. The sorting isn't working, but again... something is better than nothing.

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The page looks much cleaner

The page looks much cleaner without the photos, we can still look up the membership list to see the face of the person posting.

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I want the face pics back,

I want the face pics back, too. There is another theme installed which shows the pics in the comments, but not the original post (which I find somewhat dumb), but at least there's a code snippet that I can look at and likely use to make pictures show in another place.

I agree with the view that the pics add to the community-aspect of the site and reminds us of the people behind the words.

The members list is an add-on module which has not yet been updated to work with the version of Drupal to which the site has been upgraded.

Both of these are features I consider important to the site and I'm working on solutions.

In the meantime, though, check out some of the other themes available to select from within your account preferences.

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I agree. The member list

I agree. The member list was great. That's how I found a few people near me and added most of my buddies. I think we definitely need the member list. Its nice to see faces, but if the site is easier without faces, then that's ok with me.

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That's my next question. I

That's my next question. I miss the members list. That is basically how I rounded-up a few of the members of our men's knitting group! Now if someone joins the site from the Dallas area I'll never know.

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while my answer is actually

while my answer is actually "hell yes!" - I can understand not wanting to use the band width on the photos; plus I do really appreciate the fact that without them I can download the page over my dial up connection in FAR less time then with them. But that doesn't mean I don't miss seeing the photos.

and since I chose the alternate theme for my default view at work - I get to see the photos there.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I play a character who does.

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I know this is a cleaner

I know this is a cleaner look but I really, really miss everyones face up on here. It's more personable. Miss you guys.