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hi! im new to the site and just wanted to share my first completed project! :D

I grew up in the 90s and was obsessed with Pokemon (Google it, if needed) as a kid, so i decided to intergrate that little nostalgia with my knitting project. of the vast variety of Pokemon characters, one of my favorites was always an odd-looking purple ball of gas called "Koffing" (pictures attatched). I always thougt he would make a cool beanie, so after a day or so of work i finished my beanie.

worked up in purple yarn with felt applique eyes and mouth which are hand-stitched into place, the end result is playful and recognizable to any true fan. all the twenty-something year olds who have seen it love it and easily recognize its grinning face.

so now im busy making some for friends along with a stuffed animal im currently designing :D

koffing!69.05 KB
my koffing beanie65.41 KB
my koffing beanie (again)47.11 KB


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Hey, welcome - great hat! The

Hey, welcome - great hat! The applique is a great idea.

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I like the fun hat

I like the fun hat (especially the felt eyes and mouth) you made. This is a great website to share your projects, get support, encouragement, and get technical, specific questions answered....Keep on knitting. Cullen

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Welcome to you and your very

Welcome to you and your very cute hat. I should take inspiration and make one for my grandnephew who is about 21...he was a big fan of Pikachu as a youngster.

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Hi and welcome...cute hat !!!

Hi and welcome...cute hat !!!