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I have been busy getting ready for a sale this weekend lol. Any excuss to keep knitting, the grey cowl was inspired by our fellow knitter Paul, in a wool blend, the scarf is pure silk and the cardigan is Donegall Tweed

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Looks great Dennis! I'm

Looks great Dennis! I'm considering that Donegal Tweed for a sweater for my son, and this gorgeous piece inspires me.

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What lovely projects you've

What lovely projects you've made.

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Very lovely work, Dennis.

Very lovely work, Dennis. That silk is absolutely gorgeous. The blend of tussah and mulberry is one I've never seen before but seems to show the best qualities of both types. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow - looks great! Glad you

Wow - looks great! Glad you knitted the cowl - beautiful!

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Dennis, your work is

Dennis, your work is wonderful. I am a sweater fan and yours is stupendous. I also like the Fleece Artist and her daughter. I have never tried that blend but think I have to. The definition is great.

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Thanks Ron

Thanks Ron

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Very Nice!

Very Nice!

Can hardly wait to do such

Can hardly wait to do such stunning work. How cool! Is silk hard to knit? And what needles do you use for the silk?

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Hi comes in many

Hi comes in many forms from slippery to almost rope like. The one I used was about a DK weight (22st 10 cm) and was very smooth. I knit this on addi turbo's which I use for most things. If your knitting is as amazing as your quilting you will be an awsome knitter.

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What did you use for the

What did you use for the diamond patterned scarf? The colors are beautiful.

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Hi ...It was "Hand Maiden"

Hi ...It was "Hand Maiden" from here in Nova Scotia, called "Swiss Mountan" 50% Tussah Silk and 50% Mulberry Silk

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Beautiful items!

Beautiful items!