Judy's Magic Cast On

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I just discovered this cast on the a few days ago. It's used for toe up socks. As I am not a sock knitter (yet) it's totally new to me. It looks like a great provisional cast on. Has anyone used it for anything other than socks?


I use a tubular cast-on, done

I use a tubular cast-on, done in a different way on straight needles, for top-down and bottom up sweaters, sleeves, mittens (both cuff-up and finger-down), socks (both cuff-down and toe-up) and hats (crown-down). For k1 p1 ribbed cuffs I do at least 2 rounds (4 rows) before starting k1 p1 ribbing. I use it for just about everything. I use straight needles because I only own one circular needle and tons of hand-me-down straight needles.

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Just curious - am looking

Just curious - am looking into this cast on...

When you are using it as an edge for lace or a flat piece - do you do the cast on, the first row of knit and then knit into the front and purl into the back stitches, so the mini-fold (for back of a better term) is only on the cast on rows?

... does this make sense to anyone?

I love the idea of the texture it would leave... as an edge.

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I haven't used it yet. I

I haven't used it yet. I want to knit my Leaf and Acorn stole again and I want to try this cast on so I don't have to do any grafting.

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It works great for starting

It works great for starting lace projects- it's all I use any more!
(note: I really think the original Knitty directions are better than Kat Bordhi's.... she changes it slightly, and I don't think it works quite as well.)

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Thanks Eric!

Thanks Eric!

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Ditto on what Eric said.

Ditto on what Eric said.

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I'd like to use it for a

I'd like to use it for a regular provisional cast on for a lace project. It seems like it should work. What I like about it is that your not short a stitch and you don't have to go back and pick up stitches out of the scrap yarn.

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I used it to start a condom

I used it to start a condom cozy. :)

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I've also used it for

I've also used it for starting a top-down hat and for circular blankets knit from the center out. It's great for socks when I'm doing a short row toe. I cast on the total number of stitches on each needle, start the short rows on one needle and when I'm done no need to undo a cast-on the stitches are right there on the other needle.

There's a video on Youtube where Judy's Magic Cast On is used to do a tubular cast on for 1x1 rib which I'll be trying on a project in the near future. Here's the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITM9Zodn-Uk .