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Here's the latest project I've been working on. I decided to use Knit Picks Chroma yarn instead of Noro. The colors I chose for this scarf are Bittersweet Heather and Pool Party. Nothing spectacular but I like it.

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Very nice knitting. I like

Very nice knitting. I like how the colors work together.

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Thanks, everyone! I'm almost

Thanks, everyone! I'm almost through through the second color cycle. I hope to finish it on my Thanksgiving holiday. Speaking of which, have a happy Thanksgiving for those that observe the holiday and have a great day/weekend for those who don't!

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The scarf is beautiful.

The scarf is beautiful. Great choice of colours.

Great colors .

Great colors .

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I love simple striped scarves

I love simple striped scarves like this. I do love the Noro striped scarf but so much of it seems to be a matter of luck; Noro colors are all over the place and finding two skeins that are going to give you consistently pleasant results is quite a challenge. (He says, having made most of and then frogged a Noro striped scarf fairly recently...) I think striping one multicolor yarn against a harmonious single color works beautifully. Right now I'm working on one in a maroon against a medium charcoal gray and I love it.

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Simplicity is always the best

Simplicity is always the best choice.
It's lovely!

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Casey, This scarf is looking

This scarf is looking beautiful!